About YachtBooker.com

YachtBooker is the world’s largest reservation system for Yacht Charter. It allows the charter brokers from around the world to log in, search and book charters for their clients. Also, clients who don’t want to go through a charter broker can search for yacht charter offers directly from the charter providers that use the YachtBooker system.

YachtBooker offers its partners integrated online booking engines (IBE), the so called YachtFinder® and extensive Yacht XML Web Services, that provide real-time availability and pricing data of more than 4000 yachts in more than 40 countries all over the world, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, and from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Seas. There are boats available no matter the season. YachtFinder® also provides up to 20 images of the charter yachts in the quotation brochure.

YachtBooker’s YachtCheck® allows customers to rank different yachts with a number of stars based on a series of predetermined features and services, being similar to the way hotels receive stars. This was done as a way to offer charter clients a guarantee of services and quality based on real experience. The YachtCheck® is made up of two ranking parts, first there’s the quality certification which consists of awarding charter companies from 1 to 5 stars following regular inspections and second there’s the more subjective insight on the condition and equipment of the yacht offered by the clients who already were on the boat.

YachtBooker provides hundreds of daily special charter rates directly from the charter operator. The booking system is very intuitive and it allows the user to apply a series of filters on every criterion for an easier search.

Yachtbooker offers online support which helps the customers get answers to any additional questions they have before booking a yacht and also allows them to get custom offers which can be different from the predefined ones that the user can find in the system.


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